Monday, April 14, 2008

Passing on the Baton

Tonight was the House Meeting in College, my last engagement as Senior Student. Don't worry, there were no tears or anything like that. In some ways, it's nice to be able to stand down and let someone else run with it.

The new Senior Student will be well known to anyone who knows my blog and Flickr buddies - Robert Ferris. I wish him God's richest blessing as he takes on the new responsibilities of the post, and leads the student body in the year ahead.

For me, the House Meeting is another sign of the nearness of the end of time in college - just one more full week of term left after this one, and then three study weeks and two of exams. It's less than nine weeks now to my (DV) ordination, and less than 14 to our wedding!

Where have the three years of college gone? Will the next three years go as quickly in Dundonald? Here's to the future, all in God's hands and God's plan.

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  1. I will be covering at St. Elizabeth's on Sunday 11th May. Does that make me John the Baptist?!