Saturday, June 07, 2008

The Green Grassy Slopes

I paid a visit to the new Battle of the Boyne visitor centre today. I have to say it was very good, and well worth the visit. The house itself, Oldbridge House, contains some audio-visual information, displays and maps, which are good at describing and explaining the events on 1st July 1690 on the green grassy slopes of the Boyne.

The best display was the model of the battle site with running commentary and a coloured light display showing the movement of troops and the main points of activity. But the highlights of the trip had to be the outdoor exhibits. At 3pm there was a display of cavalry, where a lady dressed in Williamite garb demonstrated cavalry movements and associated warfare; then at 4pm two appropriately dressed men demonstrated musket fire.

All in all, a good new museum which will positively contribute to a better understanding of our shared past. Plan your visit today!

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