Tuesday, June 03, 2008

The Look

The Look
Originally uploaded by Gary McMurray.

The odd time I indulge in some 'street photography.' The concept is a documentary style, capturing people as they go about their business. I was out and about during the exam weeks in Dublin, trying to relax, when I captured this photo. I thought it says a lot about our society, especially, but not exclusively, the Dublin of the Celtic Tiger.

I was taking a photo of the young guy begging. He has fallen asleep. Wrapped in a blanket, huddled at the side of Henry Street.

Ignored by the many tourists and Dublin residents walking past, enjoying their shopping.

As I took the photo, this wee lad walked into shot, staring at the other boy. What innocence, and what is he thinking? Why is that boy begging?

What a state we collectively have gotten into - when we no longer hear the cries of the poor and the oppressed. Again, we're back to the question of what we are going to do for those who need us. Let's all learn from the compassion of this little lad, and come to our senses. The poor need us. The Kingdom needs us.

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