Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Quote of the Day - Chains

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I've just finished reading Dr Helen Roseveare's second book 'He Gave Us A Valley' and have enjoyed it immensely. Her first book 'Give Me This Mountain' (which is a quote from the Prayer of Jabez) tells of her work in the Congo, and this one tells the story of her work in Zaire, establishing a college to train paramedical health officers, nurses and midwives.

In some parts, you get the sense that she was frustrated to be out of the front line of missionary work. Yet the impact God had through her was remarkable, in releasing others to serve and evangelise while treating patients. Her account is one of honesty, as she relates her spiritual struggles and the bad times as well as the good times.

Towards the end, she comes back to a quote that two people had told her, which seems to sum up her experience. "'We can't all be the last link in the chain.' Being the last link may bring public acclaim and a sort of popularity: but being willing to be any link, however inconspicuous, brings happiness and lasting joy."

Are we being links in people's chains today, helping along the way to finding Christ? As someone once said, it's not about our ability, but rather about our availability.


  1. Isn't "Give me this mountain" the request of Caleb?

    Looking forward to your ordination.

    Praying for you

  2. Ah, yes, indeed. Doh! Caleb and Jabez mixed up. Thanks for the swift assistance!