Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sermon Audio: Luke 8:4-21

Following on from my previous sermon audio posting, you'll find below my most recent sermon. This was my first morning preach in Dundonald as Curate, with a bigger congregation than the evening service. The passage we're looking at contains some of Jesus' teaching and parables - the parable of the sower (alternatively the parable of the seed, or the parable of the soils), and an incident when Jesus redefines his family based on obedience to God's word.

080817am Luke 8 4-21 The Family of Jesus - Gary McMurray.mp3

Remember that all the sermons from St Elizabeth's can be found on our new sermon audio blog.

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  1. Gary
    Just to say I am enjoying your sermons online. Great to hear your challenging preaching just what I need as I am not in the service at my placement. Keep preaching the good news.