Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Word on Wordle

Have you encountered Wordle before? It's a web program which analyses websites or documents to gauge the frequency of words. It then creates a Wordle cloud, where the most often used words are bigger in size, and the least used words are smaller.

I can see this being a useful tool for preachers to help them determine the way words are used in a text. Not that it will replace much of the hard work of preaching, but it will be of some help at an early stage.

With that in mind, I submitted the text of next Sunday morning's Bible reading, to see what came up. This is the Wordle for Luke 8:4-21:

So what are the key words? Hear and Word, it seems to me. This is what the sermon draft has been built upon, and the final product will be available online early next week.


  1. Brilliant. I'm hooked. Did my first "Service of The Word" last night and put in address text (Acts 15:1-11 Jerusalem Council) to wordle.
    "God, Conflict, Lambeth, church" were the key words!
    ps have been on hols so have missed not having the web!