Saturday, August 02, 2008


The blog was a bit patchy over July, although I hope you'll understand why, what with the graduation, Twelfth, wedding, honeymoon, moving house and all that. For photos of all or more of those things, have a look at my Flickr.

Anyway, we're now into August, which is a whole new month. For us, it is definitely a month of new beginnings. We're in our first home together, which is in a new town entirely, on the 'far side' of Belfast (although, don't you know that the wise men came from the East?). Lyns has started her new job, although mainly shadowing this week and fully on duty from Wednesday. And as of yesterday, I started my work too, so now I'm officially and properly the Curate of Dundonald.

Tomorrow will be our first Sunday in church, and we're looking forward to meeting new people and settling into the parish. I'm leading the prayers in the morning, then my first preaching is next Sunday, 10th.

We managed to get the old broadband installed and working on Thursday night, a simple transfer from Dromore to here, so I'll be able to update the blog, upload photos and check emails more regularly again.

Not much more to write at the minute, but watch this space.

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