Monday, August 18, 2008

Sermon Audio

Over the coming months, we're hoping to be able to provide sermon audio from Dundonald. As a test run, here's the mp3 file of my first sermon (as curate) in the parish. Feedback on the sermon, as well as the format will be greatly appreciated.

The sermon was entitled 'A Promising Start' - an exposition of 1 Samuel 11:1-15, looking at the beginning of Saul's reign as King of Israel.

080810pm 1 Samuel 11 A Promising Start Gary McMurray.mp3


  1. Hi. I wouldn't dream of a feedback! However, I listened all way through with something niggling, didn't know what, and then at the end you mentioned it. The passage itself as a first sermon! Very interested in this sermon of yours as I've been reading "Leading with a limp" by Dan Allender. All gels with me.
    As for the sound quality, brilliant, though I'll have to get myself a picture of yourself to stick on the screen. TTFN MrsMcF