Thursday, April 30, 2009

April Review

This is my 50th posting in April, again, the most of any April on the blog. This year is definitely setting records in blog postings! We also had our first ever guest post on the Emmaus Road.

April is the month for fools, and on the blog, I was no exception. There was the sermon on the fool from Psalm 1, a foolish TV news announcer, some foolishness of my own in Lanzarote about the Amy Grant museum, and a round-up of links to other April Fools blogging.

Easter fell in April this year, so there were lots of reflections on Holy Week, with a special focus on the betrayal of Judas, parts 1, 2, 3, and 4. There was music for Good Friday, a sermon on the Wednesday of Holy Week, and some thoughts on the resurrection from Eugene Petersen and Bruce Milne.

Book reviews featured this month were on The Cross of Christ, The Horse and His Boy, Christ in the Passover, A Thousand Splendid Suns, Living the Resurrection, and The Kite Runner.

Sermons were from Psalm 14, Luke 4 (audio), Galatians 6 (audio), and Titus 2 (audio) and 3 (audio).

In the "what's on your iPod?" feature we had Candy to Chocolate, I, I, I, Red River, and music for Good Friday.

My favourite blog posting from April was Weeds and Sins.

Four months are gone in 2009, a third of the year. So far in 2009 we have had 168 blog postings, which is getting close to the total number for 2008. Here's to May...

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