Sunday, April 19, 2009

If You Don't Want To Know The Score

... look away now.

So said the lady doing the sports report on the late BBC news bulletin last night. It's a moment of warning that the results from the Premiership football matches will be shown on the screen, and if you're waiting to watch Match of the Day afterwards, then you can avoid knowing how your team has done, and see how it transpires in the highlights.

Which made what happens next quite funny, but probably also horrible for those in this boat. Imagine avoiding all news and sports coverage all evening, stopping friends from telling you how your favourite team got on, being two minutes away from the start of Match of the Day, and then this happens:

The results are shown on the screen, and then the sports reporter reads them out as well! She had said to look away, but you haven't closed your ears, and so the suspense is ruined, the results are broadcast.

Reminds me of this world. Some people run about, not wanting to know what's coming next, or how it's all going to end up. Yet the answer is there for us already, in the Scriptures. Revelation (while some of it may be hard to understand), plainly shows that the Lord Jesus has won and that he is going to return as King and Judge, to send the guilty to hell and to usher in the new heavens and the new earth in his perfect reign forever.

Why anyone wouldn't want to know the final score astounds me - because it gives us confidence as we live for Christ and witness for him - he will return and take us to be with him.

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