Sunday, April 05, 2009

Excluding Northern Ireland

Residents of Northern Ireland have long been accustomed to seeing the words 'Excluding Northern Ireland' in Television and Newspaper advertisements, particularly in adverts promising discount car insurance deals. The bargain prices seem attractive, but then those magic words appear meaning that they don't apply. You do get used to seeing them, such that you don't even get interested in ads.

Normally, the words are excluding residents of Northern Ireland. Yet in one instance, the words are giving the Northern Irish something that people from other parts of the United Kingdom aren't. McDonalds have their Best Chance Monopoly promotion at present, and to claim prizes, a purchase is necessary, 'except in Northern Ireland!' This means that you can send a sae (self-addressed envelope) and they'll send you a token or voucher for free!

It makes a change for something to be only available for Northern Ireland, rather than us being excluded! Saves you from having to eat the McDonalds cuisine too...

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