Friday, April 03, 2009

Guitar Praise

Following on from Sunday School Musical, the latest in the line of Christian copy-cat products is Guitar Praise*. Based on the highly successful console game Guitar Hero, you can play along to all your favourite Rock praise artists. However, it isn't available on the Wii, PS3, Gamecube or Commodore C64. It runs on either Windows or Mac.

With thanks to Scrabo Power for his mention of it. On that page he also writes about Praise Band: The Movie - which tells the story of a traditional church and how it changes when the pastors starts a praise band.

Are these products about changing our culture for the good, or simply promoting the Christian sub-culture bubble which has no impact on wider society? It seems like we may be staying in the salt cellar (or the salt-shaker) rather than being the salt of the world. It seems like we're keeping the light in our wee corner rather than shining it into all the world. How can we impact culture by ignoring and copying it with products only aimed at Christians?

* Following that link will immediately start a very loud sample of one of the songs you can play on Guitar Praise. You have been warned!

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