Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sunday School Musical

Yes, you read that right! The other day I was in Tesco, and noticed this on DVD. Buying into the huge High School Musical trend, Faith Films have produced a direct-to-DVD film called Sunday School Musical. Currently at the bargain price of £4 in Knocknagoney, perhaps because it hasn't been selling, since being released last October.

It's probably a good thing that Christians are getting in on the act, but surely many useful conversations could be had with kids who are into the HSM stuff rather than having a poor imitation coming from Christian media? Plus, I noticed that Sunday School Musical has a 15 certificate in the UK - which would surely limit or remove the very target audience they are seeking to reach - especially if Christian parents are more wary of certificate ratings and not exposing kids to unsuitable material?

I've found the trailer on Youtube if you want to have a look:

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  1. isn't it just sister act 2 with fewer nuns?