Wednesday, February 04, 2009

The New Moderator-Designate

Our Presbyterian brothers and sisters were voting last night in Presbyteries across the island for the next Moderator of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland. Yesterday, Alan in Belfast had made a prediction of how the media make a moderator. His prediction was right, and Rev Stafford Carson of 1st Portadown has been duly elected as Moderator-Designate.

Stafford came to public recognition when there was a disagreement between the two Presbyterian Churches in Portadown over admittance to the pulpit of his church. Is this the Presbyterian Church giving him tacit approval for his stand of conscience against women ministers? Time will tell. It should be an interesting year for him, and for PCI as a whole.

Good to see where his focus lies though - not on quarrels or dissensions, but on the Gospel: "I hope I can be a real encourager to the church and help it through what are really difficult times," he said. "But yet in the midst of all this to remain confident and be confident in the gospel, and continue to speak and live the gospel in a way which is real and relevant." This from the BBC News report.

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