Tuesday, February 24, 2009

It's Oh So Quiet

The idea of a Clergy Quiet Day might strike you as an odd concept. The thought that a bunch of ministers could come together and not talk is incredible! Yet that's what happened yesterday in Carryduff for the diocesan clergy. With Lent beginning tomorrow, Bishop Harold invited us along to take some time aside from the busy-ness of parish life to look at John chapter 1 with Ian Dickson of Belfast Bible College.

Throughout the day, after three talks, there were periods of silence to reflect on the issues of ministry raised in the life of John the Baptist. Yet also part of the day were three packed Prayer Book services, so alongside the quiet there was much singing and liturgy. To be fair, it wasn't what I was expecting - perhaps a quiet day would be better with less liturgy and more quiet?

Nevertheless, it was a useful time, and it provided us with a place to catch up with colleagues from across the diocese.

* Bonus points if you spotted the title of the Bjork song in the title of this posting - thought I would add the video for a blast from the past:

Björk: Iceland's finest!

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