Thursday, February 19, 2009

Zavvi Belfast: Going, Going, Gone

I've been following the story of Zavvi's demise since it went into administration just before Christmas. Now, it seems, the story in Northern Ireland, at least, is finally over. Following the initial relief that Northern Ireland would escape the first closures of 22 stores, it then emerged that four of the five stores in the province would close. Just Zavvi in Victoria Square remained. By tomorrow, however, the shutters will have come down for the last time as Zavvi ceases trading in Belfast.

Zavvi Victoria Square

It's sad to see it closing down, the with resultant job losses, and the decline in competition for music sales on the streets of Belfast. Even more so when we consider that it has all happened so quickly. The initial shop closures were on the 8th January, and Zavvi Belfast (Victoria Square) has had just one month of reprieve before the death sentence falls on it.

With the credit crunch crisis still hitting hard, it appears that people are cutting back on their consumption, which takes the cycle round again and threatens more jobs. Where will it end?

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