Saturday, February 07, 2009

An Irish Mr Tumnus?

Having received an iPod Touch for Christmas, I was delighted to find the complete unabridged Chronicles of Narnia in audiobook format. Even better, they were on reduced price. Granted, it was still £25, but an iTunes voucher from the parentals was used to good effect.

The first, The Magician's Nephew was read excellently by Kenneth Branagh. In fact, I almost wish he had been reading them all. Sadly, he's not, and I'm now listening to The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe, read by Michael York. Perhaps I was just used to Belfast boy Branagh's tones, but York has a different style to his reading.

All well, until you come to Lucy's meeting with Mr Tumnus. Mr Tumnus, you may remember, is a faun from the land of Narnia, who lives near to the lamppost. In the audiobook version, Mr Tumnus has an Irish accent. A really bad Oirish accent at that. At least he'll shortly be turned into a stone statue at Jadis' (the White Witch's) palace and there remain for most of the book. Yes, it's that bad.

Roll on the next book, with a different narrator!

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