Saturday, February 28, 2009

February Review

Two months of 2009 gone already. Where does the time go? A sixth of the year completed, but what has been happening on the blog this month?

This is now the 37th posting, most definitely the busiest February thus far. In fact, I may even be on for the most blog posts in a year, if this keeps up.

This month there were several book reviews, on The Shack, The Reason for God, The "Fifty Nine" Revival, and Angels and Demons. I also thought about Lily Allen's song, The Fear, in a new feature reviewing the UK's Number One. Lily remained there throughout February, but will she continue through March?

In church, February was the month of Open House. I spoke twice, on How Can I Believe that God is good, and that being good won't get you to heaven? There were also some thoughts on Quiet Times and Quiet Days, both perhaps not quite as quiet as you would imagine. I also complained about the impatience of others, before seeing this reflected in myself. Point taken.

To close the month, we've had a special series on the 1859 revival, it's origins, the Anglican response, one parish's experience, the local experience, and the desire for a new awakening.

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