Friday, February 13, 2009

Thinking Caps On

Tonight it's quiz night in church. I'm anticipating difficult questions from Quiz Master Mark. Will be a good night. More later.

*EDIT* Our team came an admirable second. Galaxy chocolate was our prize. Yum yum!


  1. Were the questions hard? As a regular quizmaster, I'm interested in how a church runs a quiz. Is this a regular event? A fundraiser or just for fun? Are there specific God-knowledge rounds or is it "normal" general knowledge?

    Thanks McFlurry!

    Dr Paul

  2. Hi Paul! Thanks for your comments!

    Some of the questions were quite hard - but overall there was a good mix of questions for young and old.

    We would normally have a quiz maybe once a year, just for fellowship purposes, to bring people together. There's a recommended donation, but the quiz isn't to raise money as such. It's a 'light' way to bring family and friends into the community of the church, and maybe be a way into the congregation.

    As there are outsiders, and non-Christians, we don't therefore do a Bible round, as that would be seen as disadvantaging or unwelcoming our guests and visitors. There were two or three Bible questions scattered through the quiz, but these were very general knowledgey ones.

    There were 2 general knowledge rounds, one on romance (it was the day before Valentines Day), food and drink, sport, a 'Dingbats' round, a photo round of every day objected zoomed in, a TV programmes round, films round, and maybe another that I can't remember now.

    A good night for all, and we're already talking about having another as the Friday night activity of our Harvest Thanksgiving weekend in October!