Friday, May 15, 2009

Dance Delayed

It's Friday again, which means another installment of What's on your iPod? I'm starting to do it more alphabetically and less sporadically, so having looked at A's, B's and C's, we're on to the D's:

Dance of the Tumblers - Tchaikovsky
Dance Wiv Me - Dizzee Rascal
Dancing Generation - Matt Redman
Dangerously in Love - Beyonce
Danny Boy - Band of the Royal Irish Regiment
Danny Boy - Hayley Westenra
Dark Island - Haste to the Wedding
Dashing White Sergeant - Haste to the Wedding
Dead and Gone - T.I.
Death of the First Born - Prince of Egypt Soundtrack
Delayed Devotion - Duffy

I think Dance Wiv Me is there because it was played non-stop on Radio 1 last summer, although I much prefer the Camilla Ice version from the Chris Moyles show.


  1. OK, so last time we played I had 6 songs on the iPhone - I now have upped that to 7!

    Had I known 'D' came next (I didn't realise it was done alphabetically) I might have made my seventh selection a more 'D' appropriate one. However I didn't and so the only 'D' I have is:

    Don't Stop Believin' by Journey

    Anthem of Ulster rugby supporters ... they play it at the end of every home match. How ironic.

    Delighted to report I have an 'E' in place already for next Friday :-)

  2. ok a wee bit of downloading done today, I know have 14 songs; double figures!!! So add to my earlier submission:

    Don't want to fall in love-jane child
    Don't you forget about me- simple minds

    My 'd' list is starting to read like a list of musical commandments Coincidential downloads I should add before you accuse me of underhandedness (is that a word?)

  3. I wouldn't dare accuse you of underhandedness! If it wasn't a word before, it is now.

    Thing is, the next one might not be E - we've already had a go at the E's from Endlessly to Explosive, so we might have to move on to F's...