Friday, May 15, 2009

McFlurry's McLinks

Having benefited from being included in other blogger's link lists, I'm going to start doing a more regular link list, signposting some good reading on blogs and websites from many places. As a collective title, I'm using the McFlurry's McLinks until I come up with something better... So here we go:

Irish Calvinist asks what the essence of the Gospel is.
James Cary shares what CS Lewis recommends on reading old books.
Stafford Carson on Gerry Adams and faith.
Alan in Belfast muses on Sammy and Jeffrey's London living arrangements.
And, as the European election race hots up, it seems the DUP's pants are on fire...

Watch this space for more McLinks in the coming weeks!

1 comment :

  1. I think you should keep "McFlurry's McLinks" as a title - it was catchy enough to get me to click on it :-) I like the DUP "pants of fire" very funny, but of course they are not the only ones caught out in the expenses row...