Sunday, May 31, 2009

May Review

We've reached the end of the fifth month of the year, and May has come to an end. What has been happening on the blog this month?

This is the 43rd blog posting, quite a lot, and yet it doesn't come close to the 58 posts back in May 2005, during my first few months of the blog.

The books reviewed included The Challenge of Islam by Patrick Sookhdeo, Digging Ditches by Helen Roseveare, Prince Caspian by CS Lewis, Inside Prince Caspian by Devin Brown (which even received a comment from the author himself!), Jesus Among Other Gods by Ravi Zacharias, and Shakespeare by Bill Bryson.

In music, as well as the What's on your iPod series (Baby Beautiful, Black and Blue Boy, Dance Delayed, Face the Fear, and Gabriel's Glamorous), there was a review of Mel Wiggin's new EP 'My Brother's Keeper' and some reflections on a song by The Fray.

My preachings were mostly from 1 Corinthians, with sermons on God the Giver (audio), The Body of Christ (audio), and Building up the Church, and a bonus sermon on why we need to believe in hell from Luke 16. Audio for the latter two sermons hasn't appeared online yet, and will be available shortly. We also had a series on reaching older people with the gospel, inspired by the Senior's Weekend in Church.

We had two installments of a new feature, McFlurry's McLinks which act as a signpost to the best blogs I'm reading and enjoying.

My favourite posting this month was the Essential Ascension, but what was your favourite?

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