Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Evangelising the Elderly

This week on the blog we've been thinking about seniors' work, in the aftermath of the Seniors' Weekend in church. So far we've thought of the importance of older people, seen how society views Seniors, and God's opinion on older folks.

But what can we do to reach older people? On Saturday afternoon, we organised an Afternoon Tea Party. To counter the isolation and loneliness that can be felt, we provided an opportunity for them to meet up with friends old and new, sharing in food, fellowship and fun. The spread was amazing, with scones, traybakes (buns) and apple tart, and enough tea to float the Titanic.

As well as the chatting around the tables, there was an entertainment programme, with drama, songs, a quiz, and music. There was also a short talk from Luke 5, with the call to change, and to follow Jesus.

But this was just one possibility. Maybe something like this could be held once a month. Some churches hold a weekly lunch club. Alongside the social events (with a Bible talk), ministry can take place in their homes as well. Some time with people, as well as reading the Bible and praying can help them, especially if their sight is failing.

The worst thing to do is nothing. With an increasing age profile in our congregations and communities, we must preach the gospel, not just to younger people, but to everyone!

What do churches you know do for older people?

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