Saturday, May 09, 2009

Digging Ditches: Book Review

I think this is my last holiday reading book review, which is terribly late, seeing as the holiday was two calendar months ago! Nevertheless this is a great book - to be read in its turn.

Digging Ditches is the third volume of the autobiography of Helen Roseveare, who as well as having served for twenty years in Africa with WEC (World Evangelism Crusade) just happens to be one of my parishioners in my current parish! Her first two books, Give Me This Mountain, and He Gave Us A Valley chart her missionary work in the Congo. In Digging Ditches, Helen updates her story by talking about adapting to life in the UK again after missionary service, as well as anecdotes from her many speaking tours from the United States, Australia, the UK and across the world.

As well as telling the stories of people she has met through those years, and sharing some of her struggles, Helen uses the book to outline talks on many verses of Scripture. These are great devotions, and demonstrate the great love for the Lord which has long been cultivated in her surrendered life, and which bubbles over when she speaks to a large group or in a one-to-one.

Digging Ditches is highly recommended, but only after you've read the first two books!

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