Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Sadly I haven't worked out the dynamics of bilocation yet - the ability to be in two places at once. It would have come in really handy on Sunday night, as there were lots of places I could have been. As well as the Presbyterian Licensing, there was also the Ordination of Deacons in our Diocese of Down and Dromore, at St Malachi's Parish Church, Hillsborough.

Robert Ferris was ordained for the Curacy of St Columba's Knock in East Belfast, and Mike Dornan was ordained for the Curacy of St Malachi's, Hillsborough. The preacher was Adrian Dorrian, sometime Curate of St Mark's Newtownards and now Rector of St Peter and St James in Belfast.

Please be praying for Robert and Mike as they begin this new phase of ministry, and settle into their new parishes. It also means that while we say goodbye to Adrian and Craig from CME (Continuing Ministry Education, otherwise known as Potty Training, as it used to be called Post Ordination Training), we say hello to the new Deacons!

Photo from the Down and Dromore website. You can also read the Deacons' profiles there.

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