Monday, June 01, 2009

It's Your Move!

I'm not thinking about board games, but rather the excellent new schools resource produced by Scripture Union. The move from Primary School to secondary schools, whether they be High Schools or Grammar Schools, can be a stressful and worrying time for P7 pupils. Scripture Union's material can help the children get ready for what's coming next, as well as helping them to get to know the Lord Jesus for the rest of their life.

The material is designed for SU leaders or members of the local churches to deliver over three sessions of 45 minutes each. This morning was our last session, having visited Dundonald Primary School over the last three weeks, as part of a team from Dundonald Presbyterian and St Elizabeth's. The sessions are interactive and fun, with lots of games which are linked in to the main themes of each class- Creation, Choices and Changes. In brief, because God has made the world, and humans in his image, we are each special. God gives us choices, the most important of which is whether we will follow Jesus. And while changes happen in our life, we can be sure that God goes not change, and that he is with us always.

Sometimes the material needs to be tweaked slightly, to suit the particular situations in classes due to time pressures or the bible inputs, but as a resource, It's Your Move is highly recommended. As well as the leader's book, each pupil receives their own activity book to read and keep, reminding them of the teaching and providing practical tips for their new school experience.

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