Friday, June 12, 2009

Ordination Retreating

The car is packed, the iPod is loaded up with teaching (Don Carson, if you're interested), the cassock is about to be put on, and then we're off to Willowfield for the ordination rehearsal. After that, it's a quick dash to the Benedictine Monastery in Rostrevor for our pre-ordination retreat.

All the meals are in silence, which will be a bit weird, and there's to be no talking in the corridors, guest kitchen, and radios are banned from the rooms in case other guests or monks are disturbed. Hence the iPod which will be in my ears when in my room!

Bishop Harold is leading the retreat, speaking on the life and ministry of Moses, which should be great. Then on Sunday, the Curate-Assistant of Shankill Parish Lurgan is preaching at the actual ordination service.

You're very welcome to attend - Ordination of Presbyters at 7pm in Willowfield Parish Church on the Woodstock Road / Cregagh Road in East Belfast.

If you're coming and can bring a camera, take some photos as I'll be slightly too busy to be wielding my camera that night!

So until Sunday, farewell.

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  1. I hope this catches you. God Bless. MrsMcF