Saturday, June 27, 2009


Tonight we had a fun time in the church halls. It's our rector's birthday on Tuesday, a big birthday, and we had to do something to mark it. A surprise of some sort. It being June, we thought of a barbecue and set about organising it. Word was spread about the party, invites given out at the door last Sunday, when Tim wasn't looking, and food arranged.

Last night we decorated the hall with balloons, posters, streamers, sprinkles and photos of the birthday boy. Tables were set and chairs laid. Now we just needed the people. Oh, and for Tim to come without knowing what was happening.

And tonight, it all came together. About 75 people in attendance, barbecue and dessert served, and the surprise worked! Party poppers were fired, photos taken, and happy birthday sung! Mark took the lead, having compiled a series of photos from throughout Tim's life in a This Is Your Life feature. Short speeches were given by Bill Press, Margaret West, Robert Smyth and myself. A good number from the congregation and some visitors. All in all, a reminder that the church is God's family, a community of celebration.

Photos will follow in due course, but tonight, we're thankful for Tim's ministry and thankful that the surprise came off so successfully! So, for Tuesday, a happy birthday Tim!

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