Monday, August 31, 2009

August Review

It's the August Bank Holiday Monday, and also the last day of the month. The appropriate time for another monthly review, don't you think? This is the 38th post of the month, which is less than the 41 posts of August 2005, although is the 321st post of 2009, which is record-breaking in itself. What have we been doing in August on the blog?

My preaching this month was a mixed bag, with sermons from Psalm 129 (audio), 1 John 4, Acts 17 (audio) and Luke 9, and a youth talk from Matthew. As well as the sermons, there was some devotional content from Habakkuk's Howlings and Questionings (which reminds me, I must write more from there) and an old sermon recently digitised.

On the book front, there have been a few more books read, including CS Lewis on Miracles, and Peter Kay's autobiography The Sound of Laughter.

Musically, we've browsed some more iPod contents through K's and L's: Kings and a Queen, La Le, Let, Let, Let and Liars to Lions.

In a touristy kind of month while we have some semblance of summer, I wrote about recent experiences visiting the Clifton Street Cemetery, witnessing an AOH parade for the first time and seeing a bishop about to be burned in Londonderry.

August was also the time for Oxigen, our youth event, and also the time to say goodbye to Mark as he moves off to England next month.

McFlurry's McLinks were back in business, with episodes six and seven pointing to the best of the rest of blogs and websites that caught my eye.

Favourite post this month is on Corporate Worship, Windsor Park style, thinking about mens' ministry and reaching that demographic. While it didn't generate any comments here on the blog, there was some feedback both in person and on Facebook (where the blog is also published via automatic feed). What was your favourite post of the month?

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