Friday, August 21, 2009


Θχigeπ is the Youth Mission near the end of August each year in Dundonald, in partnership between Dundonald Presbyterian and St Elizabeth's Church, Dundonald. Formerly known as The Passion, it went through a name and image change a few years back, to be called Oxigen, using some Greek letters to make up the name. Whyso? Well, Within Θχigeπ, we have the Trinity - Θ Theta, the first letter of Theos (God); χ Chi, the first letter of Christos (Christ); and π Pi, the first letter of Pneuma (Spirit).

Last night we kicked off for the three night event, with the usual mix of Wii, games, coffee bar, tuck shop, football tournament, table tennis, and talk. Tim spoke last night on 'Live as servants of God' from 1 Peter 2.

Tonight we've got some archery over in the Presby halls, while the normal events will be on as usual in the Burton Hall. I'm speaking later on Buried Treasure (Matthew 13), and hopefully with some multimedia clips from films etc...

Θχigeπ continues tomorrow night, when Mark will be speaking after the BBQ, and we also get to meet and interview the new Youth Leader in St Elizabeth's, Johnny Beare, who will take up his new role at the start of September.

Θχigeπ is open to all 11-18s and runs from 7.30 to 10pm each night. If you're outside the age range, or outside Dundonald, then please be praying for the 40-50 young people we had last night and hopefully will continue to see and impact with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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