Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Today we had fun in the class on Communications. We had a video camera brought in and tomorrow we have to film each other doing a 'Thought for the Day' type broadcast, and also a sort of interview on some subject or other. So to get ready for that, we got to see the camera in operation and got to hold and play with it.

Tomorrow might be a totally different story. We'll see!

I haven't been updating since Saturday night. Sunday night we took our YF to Stewartstown (cue everyone: 'Where?') for a joint YF meeting. There, after a good bit of catering by the fellas (pointed out by Donna), we went upstairs for some praise and then a talk by Dr Andy Bell, who was in South Africa over the summer with a team from Exodus in Portstewart. It was a very good evening, and hopefully we'll have our friends from Stewartstown back to Dromore some time soon.

However Sunday night was a hectic night, in that I set off for Dublin after getting back from Stewartstown... but I was in Dublin before midnight, which was good timing! But then, I stupidly went visiting to Adrian's room, where I was until just after 1am... which meant that I didn't sleep much that night!


  1. You did as much of the talking you cheeky rotter! A

  2. Oi... does Adrian have a blog? Id love to read that if he did...