Monday, October 24, 2005

Week 5 beginneth here

So, because my last post wasn't entirely clear for Rev Fr Gareth Harron, let me say - yes, we bought the prayer desks at a good bargain price!!!

Anyway... back to what I was going to write about. We're now in the 5th week here at College, and the work is starting to pile on. All our lecturers are starting to talk about the first dreaded 'e' word: Essays. The deadlines are now lining up, and in a slightly scary mode, some of the lecturers aren't going to give us essay questions, but instead make us think up our own question and then answer it. Hm... some thought required!

[By the way, the second dreaded 'e' word comes in May/June - exams!]

Suddenly there seems to be a bit of a gap emerging between the two biblical languages, and I'm preferring Greek to Hebrew. It seems to make more sense, and is less of a struggle to manage all the rules and alphabet. For example - the Hebrew alphabet has 22 letters, all consonants, but then there is a series of dots and strokes etc in and around the letters to signify consonants... whereas the Greek alphabet has 24 letters, all of which are reasonably normal!

Then tonight we had an official reception in Room 23. The inhabitant decided that his room was slightly bland, so he undertook a full renovation and redecoration, including painting, antique furniture, new dimmer switches and new light fittings, and all the rest. So he got Mrs Empey (the Principal's wife) in to do the official opening, cutting the ribbon etc... then held a reception in the room with nibbles and drinks etc... Very funny, altogether. I wonder how the video I took for him turned out!

So as you can see, we are using some measure of humour to get through the whole college experience. Thankfully, though, I haven't had any more hands in through my window recently!

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