Thursday, October 13, 2005

A Vicious Cycle

Ouch, Ouch, and Ouch again!

I might have written about my small adventure on Monday as far as Rathmines, well, now it is serious. Yesterday we had just one class at 9am, and today our classes were cancelled, so I decided I would go out on the bike and do a bit of adventuring/exploring. So yesterday I went down into Dublin, and stayed about the south side, having a look about Grafton Street, and trying to open a bank account with a debit card, but still to no avail as I now need bank statements to show I don't go crazy with spending.

Today I crossed over to the Northside, and first stop was Irish Church Missions, on Bachelor's Walk. I called into the bookshop, and then Eddie Coulter, the Superintendent, got David Martin to give me the full guided tour land we had a chat about SOCM. This is a new initiaitive being held in ISM, and starting tomorrow, which is called the School of Christian Ministry. Through the course, we will look at areas of ministry including preaching and teaching, discipling, talking about our faith, and personal holiness and character building. I think I'm going to go along, to boost and add to the 'training' I'm getting in Trinity.

So after I left ICM, I had a wander about the north side, and in through the Henry Street shopping area. I didn't buy anything, though, except for a book on the cross which I found in a secondhand bookshop. Then I cycled back out to Rathmines and called in to the Sunday School Resource Centre, where I spent a voucher we had received for there, then came back a slightly different route which avoids the killer hill between Rathmines and Rathgar.

I might just check again with Adrian what route he takes into and out of the city, to see if there is a better route - so Adrian, when you're reading this, comment and let me know... if I haven't been in your room (or you in mine) listening to you ranting on the way you always do!

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