Thursday, October 06, 2005


Well, we did all the filming, and watched back the video (after some technical hitches involving leads and sockets and such like). It was an interesting experience, although I liked being behind the camera rather than in front of it (as I'm sure all you would think too!).

However, we also said goodbye to Kevin, the College Chaplain, who is leaving us to go back to America, to take up a new post in Philadelphia. So soon after saying hello to him, we're now saying goodbye, but he seems to have been well liked by the returning students and will be missed.

Today we're finishing off our Communications module, which involves recording a radio Thought for the Day thing... hm... maybe I should be thinking about it and writing it, rather than sitting ranting into cyberspace... This morning we were doing interviews between ourselves as if we were on the radio, introducing the other person and asking them questions on a particular topic. I was the first interviewer, and seemed to get on ok... but then I was involved in a set-up... Damienwas interviewing me, but the tutor told me to be mono-syllabic and to be boring and say very little (yeah, I know... what's new there?) and Damien struggled through the interview for the first four or five questions, then the tutor began laughing and the game was up! The last one was also a set-up, where Stephen was to interview Martin on his teaching career, yet launched into a series of questions on 'the church and the media' - to see Martin's face was hilarious, but, to his credit, he continued on well and answered the questions put to him!

The good thing is that if we finish the module today, then it will be another Thursday night jaunt up the M1 and home to Dromore, which means a nice relaxing Friday to do all the things I won't get done on Saturday, because Northern Ireland are playing Wales in the World Cup Qualifiers. Let's hope we can repeat the form we had against England, and manage to win another match (and get to finish ahead of Wales in the qualifying group).

Anyways... I'll finish here and go and pack for the weekend!


  1. Random question: Do you know what the Greek word Philadelphia means in English?

    Did you do your Thought for the Day on Revelation 17 - Fall of Babylon and how the Church of Rome may continue in her ways but her end will come??

  2. what does it mean then david?

  3. David, thank you for your random quizmaster role on the blog... To my understanding, using a basic sort of word association, 'philos' is one type of love, and 'adelphos' is a word for brother, I think... so the word Philadelphia would be 'brotherly love'?

  4. You're spot on brother it is indeed brotherly love - you'll do well at Greek!!! Imagine calling a type of cheese Philadelphia!!

    So was Rev 17 and Romanism your Thought for the Day then?

  5. My Thought for the Day was not on Revelation 17... but instead, it was on Galatians 6:7: 'what a man sows, that shall he reap' - the text of which will appear in the coming days... after I have preached at Dromara's harvest.

    On other matters - David, send me your email address - I don't have it and it might come in useful.

  6. My e-mail address is

    Trust you will know much of the Lord's blessing upon your ministry in Dromara on Sunday.