Sunday, October 30, 2005

Scotland part two

So it is now Sunday afternoon, and the second update from Scotland. Yesterday afternoon we went into Dundee, had a walk about, and then on out to Broughty Ferry on the bus. There, we got lunch and had a walk about, as well as visiting the Castle (which was free to get in). Then back to Dundee again and a walk round some of the shops and the huge shopping centre which encloses The Steeple Church in three sides (the other side and around the church is like a public square).

Then we went for dinner last night, which was very nice, and then on to the Dundee Comteporary Arts centre place thingy, where we saw Wallace & Gromit and the Curse of the Were-Rabbit. What a great film!!! So very funny, and very enjoyable. And the dear vicar, bless him! Singing hymns and praying over his vegetables (as well as sprinkling holy water on them).

This morning, then, we went to Lynsey's church, which is the afore-mentioned Steeple church (which oddly enough, doesn't have a steeple, but instead has a broad tower). The minister was very good, as he started his lead-up to Christmas series looking at the seven signs of John's Gospel, which manifested Jesus' glory (from the prologue of John, 1:1-14). He started this, because there are only seven more Sundays before Christmas, which means we're getting close to is all now!

So this morning, it was the wedding at Cana, and how Jesus enters shameful situations to remove the shame, and about how Jesus comes to bring change and new life. The praise was also good, with a mix of traditional hymns (including the majestic paraphrase of Psalm 24 'Lift up your heads ye gates') and modern praise, led by a big band.

We're back tonight, as they're having a Mission reports night, where students who were abroad in the summer are going to report on their work. Louise (lynsey's sister) is going to be talking about Mozambique, and Lynsey is singing 'Light of the world' in Bulgarian.

Oh. and it is raining. Lots of rain. Heavy rain. Raining a lot! I suppose I should expect it, seeing we're in Scotland, but that's how it goes.

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