Tuesday, November 01, 2005

In the midst of life we are in death

This is going to be a very downbeat posting, after the positiveness of the weekend ones. Death seems to be all around at present, with way too many people dying in recent days. My sympathies to Joanne and Stephen, after their dad died on Sunday - I didn't know Robert very well, but I can remember one Twelfth standing in Newry in the rain under trees waiting on our busses coming, and he let me have a go on his trumpet...

Then this morning in Chapel, I heard that one of our third year students lost his baby daughter yesterday. She was just a month old, and the news has hit the whole college community hard. After the long weekend break, things just aren't the same - from talking to people, it seems that we all had a good weekend off but it pales into insignificance after the news of this morning. So please hold John and Jane in your prayers as they face this difficult time.

I have lots more to write about, but today just isn't the time to do it... Normal service will resume at some stage soon.

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