Monday, November 14, 2005

Weekend update and Monday

So here I am back in Dublin again after the busy (but thoroughly enjoyable) weekend in Dundee. My last update was Saturday morning, so I have a couple of days to write about.

Saturday saw us going to St Andrews, where Prince William went to university. It was a nice enough place, with just a wee touch of rain when we were walking about. It seems to have been a major centre of population and importance, as there is an ancient huge Cathedral in ruins, and a castle. There also seems to be, as only the Scottish can do, a large number of Church of Scotland churches.

Then we went back to Dundee and had a wander about some of the shopping centre type places, and went looking for the second hand bookshop, but alas, it was closed, due to flood damage!

In the evening we were back to St Andrews for the birthday meal, then back to Dundee and up to the Law - a high hill the Dundee seems to be built around, with a sort of monument on the top. So we drove up it, and had a look out at the size of the city - amazingly big, and well lit at night, and across the Tay Bridge towards Newport and Tayport.

Sunday was Remembrance Day, and we were at the Steeple again, where there was good teaching again, on John 6 - the feeding of the 5000 and Jesus being the Bread of Life. Then we had lunch, and then back to the flat to prepare to leave... then the leaving and the driving back to Glasgow airport, and the flying - rather smooth!

Then back to Dromore and on to Dublin, and so ended my little break... and Lynsey's birthday.

Today has gone well so far, and I think I actually made a tiny bit of progress in Hebrew, if only I could get motivated to learn the vocab... although I was very close to giving it up today. I'm going to stick at it for at least another few weeks - possibly as far as Christmas and see how we go.

So now I have a busy week, with an essay due next Friday, and also preparations to be made for the weekend, in terms of the DDYC Reload weekend, and a couple of preachings next Sunday morning. So this is the time I ask myself, why am I wasting time online writing a blog when I should be working? Well, I suppose it is easier to write about what has happened over the past few days, it isn't being marked (although this will probably start a flurry of comments with some grading system being passed), and also because a certain young lady is on msn talking as I write this!


  1. Interested to know who the young lady is!
    Were you at the game last night?

  2. I think the "Young lady" distracting him was me! oops!Sorry Gary! Hope the essay and sermon are going well! Keep at it
    Love Lyns.

  3. Yeah, Lynsey, I would say you are the 'young lady', although it's a distraction I don't mind in the slightest! See ya again soon.