Thursday, November 10, 2005

The weekend starts here...

And so the weekend starts here, well, in two hours time! And why is your weekend starting at noon on a Thursday, I hear you ask... I'm not going to class tomorrow as I'll be in Northern Ireland, heading towards my plane to Scotland, and after mid-day I have no more classes, so I'm heading home!!! Thankfully James has volunteered to cover my late evening service tonight, so I can get away early.

So what has happened in this week? The aftermath of the Great Hebrew Revolt continues, with the two of us who remain still going to stick with it for another while - although, I can't really get motivated to learn the vocab... Greek is so much better, it seems. And after all, didn't Jesus say 'no man can serve two masters' - and I think Greek will become my favoured master in terms of Biblical languages... But I'm still going to the class and trying to see what I can do in Hebrew.

Last night the choir was back in operation for the College Communion service, with a couple of harmony pieces unaccompanied, and we had an absolute blast in 'We Are Marching in the light of God', where Tom, the Pastoral Studies Director (who also oversees our choir-ing for the Communions) was encouraging us to stamp our feet and move about and all that... Craig, who was doing the dismissal afterwards could hardly get the words out for laughing!

I shall pass on my greetings now, in case I'm not back on the computer beforehand, but a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Lynsey, who will turn 21 on Sunday. May God continue to bless you richly as you get older in his service. Love you lots!

And also congratulations to Christopher and Jennifer, who, DV, will be married tomorrow in Strathaven, in Scotland.

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