Saturday, November 12, 2005

Bonnie Scotland

So here we are, Saturday morning and in Scotland again! Time seems to have flown since my last visit, but it is great to be back again!

With the winds yesterday, the plane was just a wee bit rough, especially when coming in to land in Glasgow... it was like being no a boat, all up and down and from side to side, but we landed safely enough, so no harm done! And there, waiting on me was Lynsey!

So we got the hire car, and actually, a rather fancy Seat Toledo in black, which I'm really enjoying driving. And we set off, following about 3 or 4 different sets of directions, and managing to find East Kilbride, where the reception was. But we were well early, and needed something to eat, so we found a big shopping centre place, and I though, great stuff, we'll be able to get something to eat here, and then even have a wander round the shops to kill some time before going to the reception. But alas, no! It seems, for some strange reason, that shops in Scotland shut at 6pm on a Friday evening, even the big shopping centres, so we didn't stay long, and didn't get anything to eat.

Then we went out, and saw an ice rink place just round the corner. Surely there would be something to eat in it? Well, it too was getting ready to close... and the eating places were all getting tidied up, but we managed to get stuff in a Chinese type establishment.

Oh - but before all that, in the first centre's car par we had an interesting time as I tried to find reverse... In the Corsa, you lift the gearstick up and move it to the position for first. But on the Seat, you do something different... and we were almost into a parking space and I wanted to reverse to straighten up coming in to it... and I kept trying what I thought was reverse, and we edged forward just a wee bit more, and again, and a bit closer to the wall... and again! So then I had to consult the manual, which was hidden away in the boot, to discover how to do it. So now I can reverse and all!!!

So the wedding party. The party was great! We had a great time, during the ceilidh. There were some of the dances I could actually do, assisted by the fact of the band playing the same dance twice in a row. And it was great seeing people I hadn't seen in a long time - Christopher himself, and his whole family, and Gordon Bingham, and Esther Somerville, and Simon Thompson.

But then it was a long-ish drive back north up to Dundee. So now we have Saturday stretching out in front of us, and I think we're heading towards St Andrew's for a wander about, then Lynsey's birthday dinner later on!

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