Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Today I have a great sense of accomplishment. I have achieved something. My first essay of the course has been finished and handed in! Now I just have another two to hand in on the first day back after Christmas. Oh, and much more afterwards, but these are the immediate concerns.

However, this week has also been a week of endings, as the second Great Hebrew Revolt took place. So my best wishes to Stephen, who is going it alone in Hebrew. I was just finding that I didn't have enough time or inclination to be learning both Greek and Hebrew at the same time, with two grammars, and vocabs and all the rest. So Greek has won my vote, and is absorbing my efforts now!

On Sunday night, the Advent Carol Service, an innovation in Dromore, seemed to go very well. The choir did several anthems, including 'I know a rose tree springing', 'The angel Gabriel from heaven came' and 'Personent Hodie' - which I am convinced is a Latin medieval recipe for Christmas cake or mince pies or something.

I also had a fun weekend meeting the Wilkinson family, both on Friday night and then more fully on Saturday night... and the amazing thing is that they think I'm all right! Hehe! I must have fooled them well! But then the fun bit comes when Lynsey has to meet the McMurray clan... Dear help her!

Other than that, I haven't much more for to tell you all about... oh, except that yesterday was my thirteenth 'second birthday' - when I came to faith at the end of the week of mission in the Cathedral in the Decade of Evangelism. The missioner was Neil Steadman from Cumbria Diocese. I'm so glad I made that decision, and would urge you, reader, if you don't know Jesus, to come to faith, and be saved!

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