Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Early nights and a form of sleepwalking

Well, now I have learnt how to resolve the problems of tiredness I have been having, although it has led to a symptom of something just as bad...

Recently I have been feeling reasonably tired, which wasn't very good at all. So last night I was in bed before 10.30pm in an attempt to sort myself out. It seemed to go reasonably well, in that I got caught up on sleep I had probably missed, but I can distinctly remember at least two occasions when I got up out of bed, and stood up, then realised what I was doing and got back into bed. Rage!!! I know I had been waking before, but I think last night was the first time I actually got up out of bed. It certainly is not something I want to be doing a lot!

Today's Greek class went very well, and I was enjoying it, as we started learning some verbs now. But the homework will reveal if I'm actually learning any of it and getting used to it!

Today was the first Tuesday I cycled into Dublin for the classes at Trinity. I managed to get into the city in about 25 minutes, which I was pleased at, which gave me about an hour and a half before my class. So it was into the Bank of Ireland to check about my Laser card application (which they are now saying they know nothing about, despite them photocopying bank statements and getting me to fill in all the forms last week). Then on to get a hair cut in some basement place just off Grafton Street, which I'm not entirely happy with yet... maybe it was the way he blow dried my hair... hm... We'll see how it turns out tomorrow when I go for the gel and the slightly messy look I'm used to now!

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