Sunday, July 09, 2006


It seems like I'm only home - actually, I AM only home, but tomorrow morning I'm setting off again! So first off, apologies for not getting the rest of London written up... so much to write about, but I'll try to get it done at the end of July when I have processed the stuff we learnt.

It's Scotland tomorrow, as we go over for the graduation of Doctor Louise Wilkinson, then head off to France from Scotland (and an overnight in England) on Wednesday... Busy busy indeed!

So look out for the updates from Bordeaux, if I manage to find an internet cafe along the way. But for now, I must go and pack!

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  1. No.1 fan here. I am also going to France but on Thursday. Staying south of Bordeaux near Biarritz. Won't be looking at your updates from France as the holiday will be a completely technology free zone.