Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Viva Espana

Behold, the latest installment of the travel log, this time dealing with our visit to Spain on Monday. The town we stayed in is only about an hour from the border with Spain, so we did some border-hopping and journeyed to Saint Sebastian (also known as Donostia, if you're a Basque), a town on the north coast.

We arrived in the afternoon, and after some orienteering, went for lunch - paella (with all sort of shellfish), then chicken and chips, then ice cream - as well as gallons of water as it was still well warm!!! The town of Saint Sebastian is dominated by a statue of Jesus on the hilltop as he looks down on all that's happening, so the next item on our agenda was to climb the hill to see it! The entire hill is a former Napolean castle, providing excellent views over the Atlantic ocean and the entirely enclosed bay, and the statue is at the top of the castle. Having made it to the top, we then found a grassy bit to lie down in the shade of trees and close our eyes for a while.

We then returned down the hill and had a walk in round the town centre, browsing some shops, enjoying ice cream (from over 100 flavours to choose from) and seeing the street entertainment. After that, it was time to watch the sunset from the beach, and even go in to dip my toes in the water!

But then disaster struck! It was almost midnight when we were leaving - me driving the blunderbus, and the signs for France/Bordeaux weren't great... we ended up doing laps of a housing estate looking for someone to tell us the way out to the motorway! Eventually we got back onto the right road and got home about 2am!

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