Saturday, July 15, 2006

The Starship Dearhelpus

Bonjour again from sunny France!

The heat is indeed fierce, and provides the assembled French, Germans, Dutch and others with a laughing point at us Irish people because we just can't stick it... well, the males can't anyway! The other big laughing point at us is our accent... not understandable at all for those who have even learnt English (although, of course they learnt proper English, and not how we spake it!)

Having missed the Twelfth, we managed to catch the French national holiday - Bastille Day, which was yesterday. We set off for the beach, with me driving the Mitsubishi 4WD vehicle and another car following. Granted that I was driving slow in what seemed like a bus, we weren't too far away from the Atlantic, and before the day was out, I was glad of the 4WD! Parking was along the side of the road, with sand for the lay by... and when we came to come away and I started with normal drive, the wheels began to spin. After a quick change to 4X4 (and a stall), we got away successfully! Boy was I glad!

The beach was really nice - good sand and very clean, although when most of the party went into the water, Lynsey and me retired to the beach cafe to enjoy a Solero ice lolly in the shade!

As we arrived back in Morcenx, the village we are staying in, there was a bicycle race on - thankfully going the same direction as us, so we got up the main street to sit behind the riders as speeches were made before the start. They quickly disappeared as the race began, but we turned off anyway and got home again.

After another long evening meal - did I mention they can last several hours - we went for a walk down into the town square to see the fireworks for Bastille Day being let off. And thus ended another day in France!

Oh, except for the last thing I can remember last night... I've talked about my sleepwalking and sleeptalking before... I woke up last night to find that I was in the middle of a conversation with Clotilde's nephew, with him not really understanding my English and me definitely not understanding the things he said in French... the end result was him saying that Clotilde had warned him that I might talk in my sleep!!!

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