Friday, July 14, 2006

Scotland and the start of France

If you've been following the blog for a while, you will remember the problems I had while in Brussels with the French keyboard - letters in the wrong place etc... and here we go again - the next few posts might take a bit longer than normal!

So we arrived yesterday in France, and the heat would kill ye! But I think I'm slowly getting used to it... yesterday evening at about 6pm it was 27 Celsius inside the house with the doors open and the air conditioning on... but it cools down at night.

Scotland was really good - a sort of Wilkie's and others on tour as we went on a road trip across on the ferry and up to Dundee. It was nice to be back again, even with things being busy around Louise's graduation! The best bit for me, though, was the chance to drive Henry's Golf - just amazing!

Certainly, it was better than the people carrier I was driving here yesterday... In order for us to see some of the country and go to Spain early next week, I'm the designated driver in one of Cloitlde's family vehicles. (I'm not sure exactly what it is yet). So I went out for a drive yesterday evening to practice driving a lefthand drive car, and going round roundabouts the 'wrong' way! Well, a couple of times I hit my hand off the door looking for the gear stick where it should have been... but I'm getting the hang of it, and think I'll enjoy it!

Right - time to go as this takes for ages to type when you have to think of where the letters are and I shouldn't be impolite and sit on the computer for too long. There'll be another update soon!

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