Sunday, July 16, 2006

If it wasn't for the sheugh of me arse...

I'd be drowned!

Boys oh! Another hot day in France, and apologies for any offence caused by my title line... just a little saying I have picked up along the way.

I'm realising I didn't actually explain the title of my last posting, so I'd better do that now... The Starship Dearhelpus was my second vehicle in France - a 2litre Subaru automatic car which is also in the family. The big wagon was going to the ocean, but we wanted a change so set off for the local lake in the Subaru. Remember, this was my first time of driving an automatic, and I also had to contend with driving on the wrong side and all that... But I managed ok, after a test-run or two in the drive!

Not long after we got back from the lake last night, the skies darkened and the rain came on, as well as fierce thunder and lightning... Boys-a-boys! It was great to watch from the safety of the house, and also brought a bit of relief from the heat - last night it was a bit cooler when we went for our post-dinner and pre-bed walk. But it was still roasting in the loft dorm where I'm sleeping!

Sunday began hot and bright again, with the heat not going away... This morning we had a service in the house, with those interested coming along - a congregation of 13, as Bryan led and I preached. The text was Mark 8:27-38, on recognising who Jesus is, and following him on the way of the cross. Before lunch, then, we had a table tennis tournament, of 10 players in 2 groups. The girls decided not to play, so Bryan and me were flying the flag for Norn Iron. Sadly we were drawn in the same group and he crashed out, leaving me alone to fight for our wee country! I made it to the final, before losing to the other qualifier from our group - Clotilde's nephew, Simon - in sudden death, I have to point out!

So after a late leisurely lunch, we're taking it easy, planning the activities for the rest of the time here. The skies seemed to darken earlier and it got a bit cooler, but I don't think it's going to rain again... would be nice if it did though!

Au revoir!


  1. Gary, what a title. I had to look twice. I laughed more than twice though!!!

    Adrian D

  2. I didn't laugh twice.

    Not even once actually.

    I was shocked.

    Completely shocked.

    Not offended.

    Just shocked.

    That's all.

  3. u know gary for someone who is going to be a minister that really is not appropriate. how do you explain that to a member of a yf. really i expecred more of you and you should have known better!!!!

    not a pleased person

  4. Oh Gary, I love that you can use such expressions in such a hilarious way without being crude at all. I guess the third commenter on here doesn't see it that way. I'd actually love to meet the YFer who would even think about asking for an explanation!

    It's not like you were using the expression in a blasphemous way, or in a derogatory manner, or as an insult, or as a means to swear or curse, or in any kind of impure way.

    Without being personal, I do think there are people out there who need to lighten up, and see the funny side of life!

    Just my opinion, for what it's worth.

    Although, perhaps I've got it all wrong, and CITC should be training its soon-to-be-ministers how not to enjoy laughing and how to lose their sense of humour. Is humour a biblical concept? Does God want us to laugh ever? Is there a different standard of "allowed humour" for ministers than for bog-average Christians? Answers on a blog please!

  5. why is everyone posting anonymously? Is it becasue they aren't brave enough to be themselves? yours timidly....

  6. lets get the cat dish out!!!