Saturday, July 01, 2006

Summer Madness

Right, I probably shouldn't even be on the net, as I'm flying tomorrow morning and need to get up at the scrake of dawn to get to the airport... but anyways, a few quick minutes won't kill me!

Because my reason for posting is linked to the airport, as well as Summer Madness. Since 1999 I've been going along, and last year was the first time I hadn't been at the whole event, only calling in for a few days. This year is the same, because I now go to London for the Proclamation Trust Students' Summer School this week... And it has got me thinking about the whole Summer Madness thing.

Staying in tents, getting foundered, and having little sleep is fine when you're younger, but these days I rather like my bed (when I get to it...) and the comforts of a proper shower and loo roll at the toilets etc... But another important function of Summer Madness (aside from the praise and teaching) is that of fellowship - of seeing people you maybe only see at SM, or you just haven't seen in a long time as we're all busy in ministry.

So I think I'm getting the best of both worlds now - the excellent teaching at Proc Trust and the experience of being in London for a week; and the calling in to SM for the Friday night and the Saturday and meeting up with those friends and aquaintances I wish I saw more oftener!

The teaching at SM this year was quite good - of the three main stage sessions so far anyway - as Tre Sheppard looked at 'Who is Jesus' (Mark 8-9), and 'Jesus' Manifesto, our manifesto' (Isaiah 61:1-2 and Luke 4). Phil Collins was back again this year after an absence of five years, and looked at Jesus and the woman at the well (John 4). In fact, I wish I was getting to the rest of the sessions too, as Phil Collins will continue to be good, and Mike Pilavachi makes an appearance too. Added to that, Tim Hughes is only playing the remainder of the festival (no appearance so far), and Ian Hannah is leading worship tomorrow morning at the Communion service - perhaps the highlight of the festival for me, normally.

At least we can look forward to the cd, which will be out again this year after none was released last year!

Please pray for the Proc Trust conference, for the speakers as they help us to preach, and for the 14 students on the course as we make new friends and are equipped and challenged in our preaching. It'll be more scary this year as we actually have to preach in the small groupsand get feedback!

As with last year, I might get the chance to update the blog while in London, so watch this space!

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