Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Kilhorne completed

I've now finished my two week duty in Annalong, and really enjoyed it! As you will have seen from my previous posts, I worked through the book of Ruth in the four services. This is the first time I've have the opportunity to work right through a series by myself, and have learned a lot from the experience. I'll be looking forward to the time when I can work through series again!

Having read last week's posting, you might be wondering about the Children's Talk this week. Last week, you remember, the kids didn't come to the front. This week, they came in their droves, and they were a lot more forward. Two lads in particular, who seemed to like telling stories about what had happened to them! It kept the congregation in laughs anyway, and I think they got the point I was making as well - about crying out for help to Jesus.

I think I was a bit more relaxed this Sunday, being more comfortable in the new situation. However, it's back to the possibly nervous situation this Sunday, as I travel to the parish of Holy Trinity, Dromore (in the County Tyrone). Here goes!

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