Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Sumer Mudness

While I had forgotten to mention it in the actual posting, the title of the last posting was referring to the fact that there hadn't been very much rain for the first day or so at Summer Madness. However, by last night when the festival was drawing to a close, it was indeed Summer Mudness, especially in the Paddock sub camp, where mats had to be put down to navigate a path through the mud leading into the camp!

So today is a fallow day, for resting up before Streetreach is launched tonight. Tomorrow morning hundreds (or is it thousands) of young people will go into thirty areas of Belfast to demonstrate the grace and love of God in practical ways. But before that happens, we'll recap on some news from the festival!

I've really enjoyed being on the Prayer Ministry Team, and being able to pray with young people seeking to return to God, or to honour him with their lives, or to come to know him for the first time. Last night was really special, as I got to lead a man to Christ! Earlier in the day I also prayed with a wee lad who had made the commitment but hadn't went forward for prayer ministry or a chat with his youth leader.

In all, there were about 100 new Christians over the weekend, which is absolutely brilliant! Please be praying for them now as they begin this new life with Jesus.

The Prayer Ministry Team themselves were great, and a very welcoming and encouraging bunch. It was Robert and my first time on the team, and they were brilliant at helping us in getting involved - a special thank you to Chris and Susan Bennett, who lead the team so well!

Another great aspect of Summer Madness was getting to meet up with people you don't generally see from one year to the next. Sadly, though, one such meeting was called very short as I was called to the prayer room, but hopefully it won't be so long before we meet again!

So the rest of this week for me is shaping up with the Streetreach worship events in the evenings (starting at 9pm in the King's Hall - entrance by the Lisburn Road); and writing sermons for Dundonald and Dromore during the day, as well as proof-reading my book!!! I now have it in my possession and am trying to get it proofed as soon as possible for a September launch. More news will follow in due course...

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