Saturday, June 30, 2007

Summer Dryness

Just a quick update. As Andy has commented on the previous post, there are certainly ways and means of updating blogs if I am at home (although always late at night and then an early start to get back down to the venue!). So here goes.

Right now, the parties have started for night two of Summer Madness 2007 (SBSU). The worship on Friday night was led by Bluetree (I presume) and a few additions, and the whole Summer Madness event began with a powerful chorus of 'Our God reigns.' As well as some modern loud praise songs, I really appreciated their switch to acoustic and a couple of older hymns - 'Jesus paid it all' in particular struck a chord with me (although I couldn't remember where I knew it from).

The speaker last night was Bart Campolo. Prior to the event, he had raised a certain level of controversy (or is that too severe - we'll say discussion) for his views on universal salvation, but he was very good. Last night he spoke on the Good Samaritan, and how we need to be loving our neighbour - those who are the very least in society and the world.

So far I'm enjoying the opportunity of being involved in the prayer ministry, and being able to minister to the young people responding to the message, and to what God is doing.

Right... time to go to bed! More updates will follow in due time!

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  1. Aaron was playing with the SM house band for 2007, which also played for William Thompson on Sunday morning and Ryan Mitchell on Thursday evening and Friday all day!

    Johnny Parks and Eoghan Heaslip brought their own bands - in fact Johnny brought in a different guitarist for Saturday night!